Blue, or Avalon, brings forth peace, harmony and calm.  Holds energy of compassion.  Creates flow and movement.

For opening the throat chakra, relationship issues. Self-help for addictive behavior when used in conjunction with the green essence.

Green, also known as Atlantian Green, Dolphin Green, or Merlin's Light opens the heart, and helps to bring balance and healing.  Detoxifies negativity.

Heart opener.  Assists in letting go of stuck energy patterns and expanding into Unconditional Love.

Root Beer Brown also known as Indian Pearl  and as Shaman Stone or Peace Keepers are known for transforming disharmony.  Also very grounding and can help with sleep and digestive disorders.  Flighty, spacey people would benefit from these essences. 

Has great organizing power and reduces chaos.  Strongly recommended to be taken with the other essences for staying grounded during transformnational periods
Champagne or Camelot holds the energy of joy and wonder, works with lungs, heart and solar plexus.

For connecting with celebration of life, and embracing community.
Andara Crystal Essences
Kjerstina's creation of these essences was prepared on the magical solar eclipse of October 27, 2004 on beach at Cayucos, Ca.

Seafoam crystals carry some or all of the properties of the crystals, but in a more primal context, they are very beautiful and myterious.

Clears the solar plexus and promotes emotional growth and personal power.  Good for strengthening the immune system to release allergic reactions.

Amber or Golden Brown promotes the direction of ones path and choices, creates mental and emotional strength.  Works with the hara (2nd), as well as the 3rd chakras.  Also known for its calming effect.

Enhances creativity and the inspirational impulse to manifest our dreams in the third dimension.