Healing is about coming to balance, coming into the frequency of health, balance, wholeness.  Each organ in our bodies vibrates at its own specific frequency.  The frequency of individual gemstones and flowers can be measured in megahertz, as can the frequency of specific emotions, words, thoughts.....

More importantly, frequency of vibration can be influenced by thought, by focusing intention.  This is illustrated beautifully by Masaru Emoto in his work with water crystals.

Vibrational essences are the medicine of the 21st Century.  These essences are co-created with Nature to enhance your body, mind and spirit's ability to be aligned with your authentic Self.

Following are some explanations and definitions as given by reknowned flower essence experts throughout time as we know it, and to the very present day.

Kjerstina Agne'

Dr. Edward Bach, originator of Bach Flower Remedies in England in 19830's said:

"The action of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open our channels for the reception of our Spiritual Self, to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault which is causing harm.  They are able, like beautiful music, or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our Souls; and by that very act, to bring us peace, and relieve our sufferings.  They cure, not by attacking disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts as snow in the sunshine."

Dr. Edward Bach in an address given at Southport, February, 1934 as quoted in The Original Writings of Edward Bach by Judy Howard and John Ramsell, 1990

"Homeopathic and flower essence remedies consist almost entirely of the subtle energy vibation resonant with the condition they seek to balance - physical, mental and/or emotional. ....The quality of preparation, the subtle energy and intentions of those involved in the manufacture of the remedies will reflect in their efficacy.

John Davidson,
Author of Subtle Energy, 1987

"Flower Essences are liquid, potentized preparations, which carry a distinct imprint of the given flower.  They addres health in a broader sense, recognizing a relationship between soul and body.  Carrying only an insignificant material component, flower essences are not chemical agents or drugs.  They can most accurately be regarded as catalysts which carry a formative or etheric pattern of the plant species used.  Each archetypical plant essence speaks in a subtle language that can be received by the inner self, much as we "hear" a musical composition, or "see" a painting or sculpture."

"Flower Essences, A New Science of Nature, A New Art of Inner Health", undated pamphlet by Flower Essence Services of Nevada City, CA, p. 1

"The actual essence...is the electromagnetic pattern of the plant form.  Even as there are nutritional elements found in various plant forms...so in turn are there various parameters of biogmagnetic energies discharged by flowers and various plant forms.  And the vitality of the life-force increases about the time of the bloom...[Essences prepared from the flowers are] merely an etheric imprint; nothing physical gets transferred.  In this work, you are dealing strictly with the ethereal vibration of the plant, the intelligence of it.  The sun upon striking the water melds into the water the life-force of the flower, and this is transferred to people when they assimilate these vibrational essences."

(Gurudas explains the actual path the essence takes through the various bodies, which I have simplified as follows):
"When a flower essence ...is ingested or used as a salve (it follows) a ...path..through the physical and subtle bodies (and is) initially assimilated into the circulatory system.  Next, the remedy settles mid-way between the circulatory and nervous systems...
From midway between the nervous and circulatory systesm the remedy usually moves directly to the meridians....From the meridians, the remedy's life force enters the various subtle bodies, the chakras, or returns directly to the physical body to the cellular level thorugh one of three main portals (the etheric body and ethereal fluidium, the chakras, or the skin with its silica or crystalline properties)...(There) it enters the cellular level and imbalanced areas of the physical body."

from Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas                                                      (Channelled through Kevin Ryerson), 1983, pp. 25-35

"A flower essence is a co-creative union between the nature and human kingdoms.  Each flower is a physical manifestation of a universal principle or an aspect of our own wholeness.  The vital life force of the flower, together with the highest blessings from one who is drawn to making an essence, make up the holy water known as a flower essence.

As we take a flower essence, we begin to resonate in harmony with the energy of its universal principle, and limitations and disharmonies begin to change.  Their effects are experienced differently for each person. The essences effect a shift in consciousness, and to recognize how they are working, it is necessary to observe our inner state."

Cynthia Athina Kemp, owner of Desrt Alchemy
"Desert Alchemy, Desert Flower Essences Catalogue," 1994

"Flower essences adjust the flow of consciousness and karma that create the disease state.  They influence the subtle bodies and ethereal properties of the anatomy and then gradually influence the physical body.  The fact that flower essences come from flowers, which are the most concentrated area of the life force in plants, is one key reason why there is more life force in flower essences than in other forms of vibrational medicine."

"Simply stated, a flower essence is a vibrational extraction from a blossom that is distilled into a liquid form.  These liquid infusions of flowers can be administered orally, topically, or spritzed in the energy field.  They can also be effective facilitators in long distance healing.  Each essence conveys the specific pattern of vibration of that flower.  They are highly effective, safe to use, and their beneficial qualities come from the life force inherent in the flowers themselves.  The blossom, or flower, is the highest state of the plant's expression.  The water (nature's floppy disk) becomes charged with the divine imprint of the flower's vibrational signature.  Finally, it is shared with other vibrations.  They affect the electrical system of the body, which affects every other system.

Star Riparetti, Owner and Co-Creator of Star Flower Essences in Santa Barbara, CA and the environs of Machu Picchu, Peru: quoted from the book Star Flower Essences The Andean Orchids by Daniel John Pry,
1995, p. 11

"Flower essences support and help balance on all levels -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Physically, they balance the body by reconnecting and adjusting the electrical system.  Emoitonally and mentally, they help the person identify, alter, and sometimes remove emotional and mental patterns that challenge over-all balance.  And spiritually, they assist the person's connection to and understanding of the  many levels of self to be able to operate in life from a broader perspective.

Flower essences provide a health system that is aligned to both the surrounding universal dynamics of transition, and the individual's expansion and response to the time by having incorporated within the system itself the key to it all -- balance."

Machaelle Small Wright, Perelandra Flower Essences, quoted from the book MAP, Second Edition, The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program, 1994, p. 265